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Eighth Avenue 487, New York
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Our Menu


Awesome Hamburgers

We proudly serve 100% all Natural Beef and Chicken from Huntington Meats that are custom blended especially for Black Sheep Burgers.

The Black Sheep
$ 10.95

Lettuce/ tomato/ onion/ pickle/ mayo/ 1000 Island

Katsu California Roll
$ 15.50

Crab/ avocado/ sushi ginger/ nori/ wasabi/ mayo/ tomato/ cucumber on a beef patty

Yuki Spicy Tuna
$ 15.50

Spiccy tuna/ sushi ginger/ nori/ wasabi/ mayo/ tomato/ cucumber on a beef patty

$ 13.50

Our Double Double, 2 patties/ 2 slices of American cheese/ lettuce/ tomato/ onion/ 1000 island/ mayo

The Cali Chicken Burger
$ 12.50

Avocado/ pepper jack/ Jamaican relish/ alfalfa/ tomato/ mayo

Veggie Burger
$ 10.95

Vegan patty/ Jamaican relish/ alfalfa/ tomato/ mayo/ dijon

Brunch Burger
$ 12.95

Applewood bacon/ egg/ cheddar/ lettuce/ tomato/ mayo

Chef's Favorite - Teriyaki Cheesesteak Sandwich
$ 10.95

Peppers & onions/ pepper jack/ teriyaki sauce/ mayo

Built with love


Made on Etxea Bakery multi-grain bread

Chicken Katsu
$ 12.50

Panko fried chicken breast/ avocado/ daikon sprouts/ tomato/ pickled daikon/ tonkatsu sauce/ mayo on a soft bun

Southwest Tuna
$ 11.95

Spicy tuna salad/ avocado/ tomato/ alfalfa/ mayo

Apple-Cranberry Chicken
$ 8.50

Chicken salad/ chopped apple/ cranberries/ walnuts/ lettuce/ tomato/ mayo/ dijon

Memphis Chicken Sandwich
$ 8.25

BBQ Chicken/ Coleslaw/ House made sauce

Enjoy in Good Taste and Live Life

Healthy can be delicious


Ginger Salmon Grain Bowl
$ 17.50

Fresh sauteed salmon/ brown rice/ romaine /cauliflower/ brussel sproats/ green beans/ green onions/ tomatoes/ black sesame seeds/ cilantro/ ginger soy dressing

Chinese Chicken Salad
$ 16.25

chopped chicken/baby iceberg/green beans/red cabbage/carrots/mandarin oranges/green onions cilantro/rice noodles/black sesame seeds fried wonton skins/tossed with sesame dressing

Raspberry Chicken Salad
$ 16.50

Chicken salad with cranberries/ apple/ romaine/ green beans/ Raspberries & Blueberries/ tomatoes/ walnuts/ raspberry vinaigrette

Little Gem Caesar
$ 11.95

Chopped chicken/ bacon/ cherry tomatoes/ romaine/ Caesar dressing / garlic croutons/ capers

Black Sheep Chopped Salad
$ 16.50

A mix of fresh chopped vegetables/ Chopped chicken bacon/ Green beans/ corn/ tomatoes/ baby iceberg/ green onions/ balsamic dressing - Add Avocado $1.50

Ahi Tuna Grain Bowl
$ 17.50

Grilled Ahi/brown rice/romaine/cauliflower/brussel sprouts/green beans/green onions/tomatoes black sesame seeds/cilantro/raspberry dressing

Southwest Tuna Salad
$ 12.95

A roasted bell pepper stuffed with our jalapeno tuna salad/over romaine/cucumber/tomato/corn/chopped avocado/cilantro/jalapeno cilantro dressing

The Greek Berry Bowl
$ 11.95

Greek Yogurt & cottage cheese blend/fresh fruit/berries in season/banana/honey lime/dates/granola/melba

Something extra for you to enjoy

The Fun Stuff

1940's French Fries
$ 3.95
BBQ French Fries
$ 4.95
Chilaquiles Verde
$ 8.50

Chips/ Pepper Jack/ Avocado/ Green salsa sourcream

Curry or Chili Cheese Fries
$ 8.25
Cauliflower Wings Curry or Buffalo
$ 4.95
Deli Case Salads
$ 3.50

Japanese Potato/ Brown Rice/ Pasta/ Fruit

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